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LASIK Consultations

LASIK Consultations in Humble, TX “Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis” or LASIK is rapidly becoming one of the more performed corrective surgeries.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

In order to maintain your eye health, we recommend yearly eye exams. No matter your age or physical health, it is important to have these exams.

Eye Trauma, Ocular Trauma

Our Doctors are well trained in treating a variety of ocular related emergencies and diseases. Whether it is a foreign body removal from the cornea or retinal hemorrhage.

iFusion Exam

The new iFusion system combines OCT and digital fundus photography, the two most important imaging modalities in eye care, into one easy-to-use platform for a more comprehensive evaluation.

Ocular Disease and Illness

There are a wide variety of ocular diseases our doctors can diagnose, treat, and manage. Dry Eye Syndrome: This is a condition in which there are either an inadequate amount of tears to lubricate.

Pediatric Vision Care

Pediatric Vision Care in Humble, TX It is very important every child has their annual vision exam. Early detection and treatment of certain vision problems can prevent vision loss in the future.

Contact Lenses

Some of the advantages of contact lenses over glasses can be the less peripheral prismatic effect, fewer distortion issues, and avoiding foggy or smudged lenses.

Our Doctors

Therapeutic Optometrist
Dr. Lin provides full-scope optometric care and has special interests in managing ocular diseases, post-LASIK, and post-cataract surgical care.
Therapeutic Optometrist
Committed to providing outstanding eye care to the Houston area and Humble area residents