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Eye Trauma, Ocular Trauma in Pearland, TX

Eye Trauma, Ocular Trauma in Pearland, TX

Eye Trauma, Ocular Trauma in Pearland, TX

Our Doctors are well trained in treating a variety of ocular related emergencies and diseases. Whether it is a foreign body removal from the cornea or a retinal hemorrhage, we are equipped to treat your needs with the utmost care and facilities.

One of our main instruments when treating eye trauma is the biomicroscope, or a slit lamp. The biomicroscope highly magnifies the problem area and helps to diagnose the issue further. Some common uses for the biomicroscope include: laceration, foreign particle embedded in the eye, a burn to the eye, or a retinal hemorrhage. It is important to have an eye trauma examined as quickly as possible. In many cases, immediate treatment is required to prevent any permanent damage, such as long-term vision loss.

Even when obvious damage does not seem apparent, you should not hesitate to contact our office if you see ‘flashes of light’ or other symptoms of images that you shouldn’t be seeing. This could indicate the a trauma to the back of the eye where there aren’t any pain sensors to alert you of a problem. If you experience any of these issues, do not hesitate to contact our office immediately to schedule a prompt evaluation.

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Meet Our Doctors

Therapeutic Optometrist
Committed to providing outstanding eye care to the Houston area and Humble area residents
Therapeutic Optometrist
Dr. Lin provides full-scope optometric care and has special interests in managing ocular diseases, post-LASIK, and post-cataract surgical care.