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Signs You Need New Glasses

Signs You Need New Glasses

If you wear specs, you must be asking yourself: “When do I need new glasses?” While looking for that answer, it is likely that you are finding it difficult to let go of your current pair. It is true that your old specs have become a part of your life. However, adapting to newer ones will be extremely beneficial.

New glasses are required when your eyes need them to survive. Remember, glasses are not just fashion accessories but objects of absolute necessity. Keeping that in mind, you must be aware of specific changes which signal that you need a new pair of glasses.

Here’s a list of reasons you must get a new pair of glasses.

Having Blurred Vision Wearing Your Old Specs?

While feeling that you can see perfectly with your old specs, there are times you may have ignored blurred vision. By overlook such an issue, you are putting your eyes under strain.

If you’re trying hard to see perfectly with your glasses on – your eyes are undergoing unconscious strain. Unconscious eye strain can be very harmful in the more extended run. Now is the time to get a new pair of glasses after you get your eyes checked.

Are you Squinting Often?

Are you narrowing your eyes to see something located near or far from you? If you are, then you may also be having headaches and neck pain. These are clear signs of poor vision. Get your eye checkup done for a new prescription of glasses.

Your Old Pair May Be Damaged

If you have been wearing your old glasses for a long time, it is quite likely that it has gone through noticeable wear and tear. Damage on the lens or the critical areas of the glasses can be harmful to your eyes. This the time when you must opt for new specs even if you can see everything clearly with your old ones.

Take Advantage of New Technology

In this age of globalization, eyewear technology has augmented to another dimension. In fact, now you can have lenses specific to your field of work.

For instance, your job may require you to work on a computer for hours then your eyes are going through a constant strain. You can take advantage of the new technology of lenses which reduces screen glare.

You can get an eye checkup done by your eye doctor before going for your new pair of specs. These may include the following:

  • Comprehensive Eye Exam: This consists of a complete eye checkup which will help to detect and diagnose vision changes and potential problems.
  • iFusion Exam: OCT and digital fundus photography are integrated into one easy-to-use platform for a more comprehensive clinical evaluation. This iFusion examination, which is the latest method used for a compact clinical evaluation, helps in diagnosing harmful diseases before they create a vision problem.
  • Pediatric Vision: An annual eye exam for your children is a necessity. With pediatric vision, you can make sure that your child never loses vision when he grows older. Pediatric vision helps in the early treatment of vision problems.

The new iFusion system combines OCT and digital fundus photography, the two most important imaging modalities in eye care, into one easy-to-use platform for a more comprehensive clinical evaluation. This combination is Optovue’s next step in its vision of bringing the most innovative imaging solutions to the broad spectrum of eye care.