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Winter Eye Care Tips

With winter comes some of the most enjoyed and anticipated holidays. However, winter weather, which is often extremely cold and dry, comes with its disadvantages as well. From being wary when driving and keeping warm to avoid getting hypothermia, winter comes with its fair share of hazards.

However, as most people try their best to keep hazards at bay, they often forget and neglect one thing. Our eye health is also threatened during cold seasons. This fact remains true to those who often suffer from eye issues to those who rarely do.

That said, there are a few techniques that can help protect your eyes from the harsh conditions this winter.

Keep Them Moisturized

Winter air is often dry and has low humidity. Hence, there is very little moisture in the air that tends to dry up the eyes and our skin as well. These aggravating conditions encourage the development of itchy or/and dry eyes.

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking a lot of water for the health of your skin. More importantly, keep your eyes hydrated and healthy by using eye drops. The best way to do this is by visiting an eye doctor near you for a prescription that will work for you. Eye doctors and an optometrist can also give you effective winter eye care tips.

Take Frequent Breaks from Electronics

Our current society is saturated with electronic devices. From using computers or laptops at work to using smartphone devices at home, they are everywhere. The fact that most individuals use them to perform their leisure activities makes it works.

According to emarketer.com, the average US adult spends at least 215 minutes a day on his smartphone alone. This is without taking into account the time spent on computers and the Television. Numerous studies reveal that people engaged in the use of an electronic device blink less. This then leads to digital eye strain.

The less you blink, the less likely your eyes will be able to manufacture and produce tears. Tears keep our eyes moisturized, but the lack of it causes dry or/and itchy eyes. If you have to use an electronic device, take frequent breaks.

Wear Your Sunglasses and Eye Goggles

Winter weather is often cold and gloomy, yet, we still need to protect ourselves from UV rays. Moreover, the UV rays tend to reflect off the snow harshly increasing the amount of light present. This is often referred to as bright winter light and can cause eye pain or irritation.

Hence, you should always wear your eyeglasses or any other form of protective eyewear. For extra protection, wear a wide-brimmed hat as well.

For those that love to participate in sports during winter times, purchase some quality eye goggles. This is not only to help protect you from the harsh winter light, but also from the winter wind. Winter sports such as skiing can expose your eyes to debris and harsh dry winds.

Watch Your Diet

Diet is a prerequisite to protecting the health of your eyes during the extreme winter seasons. Other than staying hydrated by drinking a lot of water, try and consume more fruits and vegetables as well. Additionally, Omega- 3 supplements are very beneficial for optimum eye health.

Treat Them Immediately

If you keep experiencing chronic eye pain on a day to day basis, you need to visit an eye doctor. If you are looking for high- quality treatment, visit eye care Houston, otherwise referred to as Pearland Eye Care. The eye care center, as the name suggests, is based in Houston, Texas.

Additionally, those experiencing other winter dry eye symptoms should visit an eye doctor. Winter dry eye symptoms include and are not limited to itchiness, redness, excessive tearing and blurry vision. Such symptoms, if left untreated, can lead to further complications.

Ensure that you reach out to Pearland for the best comprehensive eye exam Houston can offer. Also, for the best eye exam Houston can offer, be sure to visit Pearland Eye Care.